Trond Horneland

Trond is an investment manager at Sector Gamma. Before joining Sector in 2005, he was Head of Global Healthcare at DnB NOR Asset Management in Norway, where he was responsible for managing all DnB NOR global healthcare investments. He joined DnB NOR in 1998 as an analyst/portfolio manager covering the healthcare sector. Mr Horneland holds a Master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Thomas McKeon

Thomas joined Sector Gamma in 2009. Before joining he was Head of Global Healthcare at DnB NOR Asset Management in New York, where he had been responsible for managing DnB NOR global healthcare investments since 2005. Mr McKeon joined DnB NOR in 2003 as a portfolio manager in the Global Healthcare team at DnB NOR Asset Management after working for four years as a senior analyst covering Healthcare and Medical technology stocks at Nippon Life Insurance, PNC Advisors and Prudential Securities. Mr McKeon holds both an MBA and an MS from the University of Maryland.

Arild Blikom

Arild joined Sector Gamma in February 2017. He was previously employed within Sector’s Fund Operations team, where he headed IT and Risk for 7 years. Arild has previously worked for Det Norske Veritas AS where he worked as a risk management consultant in DNV Energy Solutions’ section for Business Risk Management. Mr. Blikom holds a M.Sc within Business, Economics and Finance from the London Metropolitan University.

Vegard Vistven

Vegard joined Sector Gamma in 2017. He was previously employed within Sector Asset Management’s Investor Relations team. Formerly he has worked for Nordea, Carnegie, First Securities, SpareBank1 and Bloomberg in Equity Sales, Trading and Research positions. Vegard holds degrees from University of Oslo and University of St Andrews.

Tormod Sætre

Tormod joined Gamma in July 2021. Before joining Gamma, he worked with business development at Sector Asset Management. Formerly he held various roles in the investment team at Trient Asset Management, including co-portfolio manager of a multi-asset fund and heading the trading desk. Tormod started his career as a financial analyst at First Securities after completing his MSc in Industrial Mathematics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).